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Single for Q&A EP


I stand, with the intellect of a child in comparison, my strength is sustained by you my defense garrison accomplished, the unimaginable articulated so pay attention, and very closely, listen, direction altered when man faltered, infectious disease penetrated and life halted, yes the embodiment of death manifested through a rebellious heart, sin entered self centered from the very start, I see a culture driven by malicious motives, and no this ain’t suspicion its corrosive, indoctrinated youth, skewed and twisted so I proclaim the truth that Christ died and 3 days later yea he was lifted some say I'm gifted, misconception this is not I, all I do is fail when I try, sometimes I cry at the thought of what you've done for us, I give my life to you the only one I truly trust so stop, reevaluate what I’m doin this for, is it soli deo gloria? or climbing up that pedestal euphoria instant gratification seeking nonsense and I do this on a level that's subconscious, this is the problem can you see now? Default sinners complications from birth D child, I was in need of heart, matter-of-fact give me some lungs too I couldn't understand this gift of breath until u clung too, the savior the Son of Man yes his name is Jesus, he is the end prize the full conclusion and the thesis, and most of us are unaware that we certainly need this dying on the inside wondering why are peace always leaves us, the problem is the sin embedded but we blind to it tryna fine tune it losing hope when we see it don't work, its time to look to God the one who made life out of dirt, joy out of hurt, and im asking in me you'll do work, so purge me Lord because I’m wicked on the inside only good in me is you cuz this flesh that I've been tied, too is sickening its weakenin me by the second, but when you beckoned me you told me that you overcame, this wicked world sent your only Son just to be slain, to take away our pain and replace it with peace, by knowing that our savior has come through faith we're redeemed im in awe your the most beautiful thing I've never seen I can dream, but everything will pale in comparison to the moment I see you on your throne next to cherubim, yea you are all powerful worthy of all glory I’m thankful my life can be a tale in your grand story, I know that many will think my words are hostile, but homie I’m just speakin on the gospel, yea, I know that many with think that my words are hostile but homie I’m just speakin on the gospel, yea.


released August 26, 2014
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by TJ Soto



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